Fitness influencer reveals haters’ cruel comments about her body

Fitness influencer Tammy Hembrow has revealed the gross thing people kept saying about her body.

Hembrow, 30, is a mum to three, one of Australia’s most successful influencers – with more 17 million followers on Instagram – and also owns the active wear line Saski.

She’s made a name for herself by creating a successful business, but like the Kardashians are known for their curves, she’s always been known for her toned and fit physique.

She often posts selfies or videos of her working out and markets her fitness programs on the results she’s obtained herself.

Tammy Hembrow
Hembrow has become well known as an influencer for her toned physique. Instagram / @tammyhembrow

Despite being a famous person universally known for having a great body, she still has to deal with people criticising it.

The influencer took to Instagram and posted a photo of herself wearing lingerie, but the caption revealed the kind of commentary people have made about her body.

“I used to get old all the time that strong isn’t sexy or feminine. A few years into my training it was a daily occurrence,” she wrote.

Hembrow added that she “wholeheartedly” disagreed with that statement, and fans were quick to offer her support, calling her “stunning” and “goals.”

Hembrow is familiar with public scrutiny. In December 2023, the young mum faced criticism simply for getting engaged to influencer Matt Zukowski, and the joyful news overwhelmingly triggered judgment instead of celebration.

“Never in my life have I felt so safe, so loved, so understood, so cared for. What a plot twist you were,” Hembrow wrote when announcing her engagement.

Hembrow, 29, has three children; she shares her two eldest kids with her ex, Reece Hawkins, and her youngest child, Posy, born in 2022 with her ex, Matt Poole. The fitness icon was engaged to both the men she shares children with, calling off her engagement with Poole in December 2022.

She was then inundated with people criticising her choice to get engaged because she already had three children with two other men.

The backlash was so severe that Hembrow addressed it in an interview with Stellar, in which she said that staying with her previous partners was not the “best option” for her or her children.

“When people say, ‘oh, you’re introducing your kids to another man’, I get where they’re coming from. But I’m not doing this lightly,” she explained.

Hembrow pointed out that “blended families” can be amazing but that the old-fashioned belief that she should work things out for the sake of her kids was “not the best option”

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